Corporate finance in small and medium-sized enterprises

We offer our experience and expertise to professionalise SMEs and to ensure that they function optimally. Self-employed persons, liberal professions, and people starting or taking over an SME: we can help them all in the generation and development of their business. The objective is to achieve a balanced, financially healthy and future-oriented company.


> External management (temporary /part-time): is a solution to the increasing complexity of operational management.
> Tailor-made advice: you decide exactly for which services you appeal to us. It does not entail any superfluous achievements and expenses.
> Professionalisation of a family SME: if the future of the company depends on decisions that are taken on rational grounds.
> Takeovers and discontinuation: advice in the financial, fiscal and legal implications of a takeover or a discontinuation.
> Family follow up: the follow up by a member of the family is a special situation. We guide you to ensure that the operation runs smoothly and to stimulate the healthy development of the company.
> External manager: especially when several members of the family are active in the company, a neutral person can harmonise the different visions. He can also provide additional expertise.
> Project management: we support projects that require extra management capacity due to their size and/or complexity.
> Crisis management: an external expert can offer extra manpower as well as a new vision to ensure that a company in crisis solves its problems.