Corporate finance and management in large enterprises

Large enterprises can also experience management problems. Different visions, the sudden loss of the CEO, etc. There can also be a major project in the pipeline that necessitates extra management capacity. We have the expertise to deal with such situations and to bridge them. Our input: broad experience in financial and general management of large industrial businesses.

> Interim management: we can act as a provisional manager (e.g. financial or general manager) to bridge the sudden loss of a manager.
> Project management: if the management team is already working fulltime on his usual tasks, an external manager may be the solution to steer an important project in the right direction. Change management can also be considered as a type of project management.
> Crisis management: an external expert can offer extra manpower as well as a new vision to ensure that a company in crisis solves its problems. He can also take on unpopular but necessary measures more easily.